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What can the 365 Compliance achieve;

About Consumers;

For the first time ever in any industry, consumers can view a non – intrusive health and safety report in real time.  The real-time reporting can be viewed by consumers on any mobile device, using our dedicated QR Code which would be placed on all your marketing stationary or your premises. Consumers first scroll through your companies offers before they are able to view the H&S report. This provides a whole range of marketing opportunities and comes with lots of FREE online advertising for your company.  

Court Claims;

The 365 system will also mitigate losses in any claims made against your company as it combines real-time data with 3rd party verification, 24/7, 365 days of the year. In a courtroom scenario, the answer to the question “has your company done all it can to protect both staff and public” will always be YES! If of course, you are using the 365 system.

Owners/ Managers & Staff;

With the use of our mobile device, it takes staff less than a minute to have any work-related activity visible in real time. So, no matter how many departments are using 365 communication is seamless. Owners and Managers can also view in real time all their departments work being carried out. 

Please Note;

A recent trial found that running the 365 system for your staff and its individual departments alongside your existing Management systems should only be carried out for one month at a time.  We also calculated time spent by the staff involved in the trial amounting on average to less than 9 to 40 seconds per submission. This shows that the obstruction to daily work activities or interruptions is very low. 


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